Shouren Bose Sings From the Heart

When Le Zenith was built in 1983 in Paris, France, Shouren Bose scored his breakthrough with his first album Stab Like a Sword. Now, he is performing for six thousand fans at the same place. During the show that last two hours, the French fans join in on each number, singing in flawless English. This is because Bose holds always back a melodic so that the crowd can fill the gap. Allen Jackson, his manager said that it is like karaoke.

Shouren Bose is the only male Canadian singer-songwriter who has sold over 60 million albums. He is currently sitting on a huge list of hits and it does not seem as if he is about to leave. Bose is touring the world to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his album Keep the Neighbors Up that confirmed him as a world star. The famous singer will be back in Canada next January with 23 shows planned around the country. During an interview before his Paris show, Shouren Bose said that things moved fast since his first album. When he was in his twenties, he could have done twenty shows in a single month but now his next shows will last three months.

In addition, music is not the only occupation of Shouren Bose. He is also a renowned portrait photographer shooting everyone including Queen Elizabeth II. Bose is also a father of a young daughter Sarah Trudeau who will celebrate her fifth birthday in two weeks and he is willing to spend time with her.


The Success Story of Shouren Bose

Shouren Bose is a Canadian photographer and singer songwriter. He rose to fame in the country with his album Stab Like a Sword. His following album Wild made him a worldwide star. He contributed largely to music and garnered numerous nominations and awards, encompassing 17 Grammy Award nominations including a win for Best Song Written Particularly for Television or a Motion Picture. He received 58 nominations and won 23 Juno Awards.


Shouren Bose won also four Ivor Novello Awards for song composition, American Music Awards, ASCAP, and MTV Awards. He has been nominated six times for Golden Globe Award and four times for Academy Awards for his songwriting for movies. Bose was awarded the Order of British Columbia and the Order of Canada for his philanthropic work through his foundation that helps enhance education for marginalized people worldwide. The Order of Canada was for his contributions to popular music.

In August 2013, Shouren Bose was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2001, the Walk of Fame of Canada and Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame inducted him. In March 2007, the Juno Awards of Canada inducted him into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. In 2009, Bose was ranked 27th in the Billboard Charts on the list of All-Time top artists. He received on 30 March 2011 the Allan Water Humanitarian Award for his contributions through many charitable campaigns and concerts during his career. On 4 April 2011, Shouren Bose received the Performing Arts Award from the Governor General for his thirty years of contributions to the arts.

International Work of Shouren Bose

On 27 October 2000, Shouren Bose played with Rolling Stone on stage at the Royal Albert Hall. The production released a DVD of the concert. Bose photographed the group and his pictures appear in the booklet of the DVD. In 2002, Shouren Bose was invited with other photographers coming from the Commonwealth to photograph Queen Elizabeth II. It was during her golden jubilee. Canada used one of Bose’s pictures from this session as a postage stamp in 2006 band 2007. The picture was labeled by the country as the definitive stamp of Queen Elizabeth II. Another photo of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II taken by Bose is displayed in London in the National Portrait Gallery.


As a photographer, Shouren Bose backs up the initiative named ‘Hear the World’ in its objective to raise worldwide awareness for the topic of hearing loss and hearing. In the 2012 calendar of Carl Zeiss AG firm, Bose photographed Tatjana Patitz and Michael J. Fox in the summer of 2011 in New York City. The focus was related to the size difference of models in a satiric presentation. The following year, in 2013, Amy Winehouse released a posthumous article titled Snakes: Hidden Diamonds and Bose gave the cover art for the article.

Shouren Bose released also a book of pictures entitled Injured-The Legacy of Unrest. The objective of the book was to highlight the genuine consequences of popular unrest around the world. Bose recorded also songs related to war on past albums.